Accounting Software maximum features with resonable price

We offer the best possible value in terms of specifications, features and built-technology. Account GST covers all latest technique of cloud computing and software automation.


Features Comparison



Ultimate Pro


Corporate ERP

Dynamic Billing Format
Customer Mobile App
Multi-Users and Unlimted Sessions
Active Dashboard
Smart CA Reporting
Virus And Ransomware Protected
OTP Authentication
Multiple Stock Locations
Price Lists
POS And Customer Loyalty BasicBasicBasicAdvanceAdvance
Sales Team BasicBasicAdvanceAdvance
Order Process Management BasicBasicAdvanceAdvance
Customer Outstanding Management BasicBasicAdvanceAdvance
Manufacturing BasicBasicAdvanceAdvance
Cost Center And Profit Center
Multiple Billing Locations
Customer Turnover
Branch Support 5 Branches
Users Profile 2 Users Profile3 Users Profile5 Users Profile10 Users Profile20 Users Profile
Extra Users Scalable to 5, Per user 2500/- One Time CostScalable to 10, Per user 2500/- One Time CostScalable to 100, Per user 2500/- One Time Cost
Multiple Companies 2 Companies10 Companies25 Companies25 Companies25 Companies
AWS Cloud Platform Next Year 3000 plus TaxNext Year 4000 plus TaxNext Year 6000 plus TaxNext Year 9600 plus TaxNext Year 45000 plus Tax
Customer Support Voice, Email, Web, WhatsAppVoice, Email, Web, WhatsAppVoice, Email, Web, WhatsAppVoice, Email, Web, WhatsAppVoice, Email, Web, WhatsApp


Rs. 5000 (Plus Tax)

Rs. 9000 (Plus Tax)

Rs. 16000 (Plus Tax)

Rs. 45000 (Plus Tax)

Rs. 200000 (Plus Tax)